Health perfected.

Perfect Health is a team of medical professionals that is dedicated to providing quality personal care. We believe in listening intently to patients and explaining treatment options thoroughly. We provide urgent care for most non-emergent situations as well as medical weight loss tools that help kickstart the weight loss process and make it easy to keep the weight off.
We are perfect Health

We provide a different style of healthcare.

At Perfect Health, we try our best to approach healthcare form the viewpoint of our patients. With that being said, we aim for complete transparency in every decision we make regarding patient care. We understand that people tend to put a lot of trust in their doctors, and we work very hard to maintain a level of trust with our patients that is higher than even they would have expected. 

Something that we put great value in is listening to our patients. It may sound obvious, but when physicians take the time to simply listen intently to a patient, diagnoses become much more clear, and treatment options tend to be more quickly discovered as well as more effective. We hope this approach is apparent to our patients, and we believe the care we can provide with these simple principles is the highest quality in care.
Urgent Care
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Occupational Medicine

"Your health is one of the most valuable possessions you have. Don't waste it."

– Dr. Troy Coon, Owner

Pay however you like.

Whether you prefer cash pay or by using your insurance provider, we can accommodate your needs. We gladly accept most insurance providers, and we do our best to make the process as easy as possible. In addition to cash pay and insurance, we also have membership options that minimize the amount out of pocket that our patients are responsible for.
Our Team

Our team makes the difference.

The doctors and staff that make up our team get excited about meeting new people and building relationships with the patients that come through our doors each day. We do our very best to treat each individual with the same quality of care that we would hope our family might receive from any other treatment facility. That's because we believe in trust. The trust of our patients is paramount to making an impact on their daily health and wellness. It's pretty simple actually; we love what we do, and we enjoy our time with the people we serve.
Dr. Troy Coon
Dr. Robert Garnett

It's time to take control of your health.

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